About Us

Bluefire Bellydancers is a community focused bellydance school run by Emily Nicholson in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

​Emily has been dancing for many years and trained in a number of dance styles before focusing on Bellydance as her passion.  Since then, Emily has studied with various wonderful teachers, both Australian and International.  She also attends workshops and festivals when available.

A talented choreographer, Emily uses a combination of her own and others' choreographies (with permission of course!) to enable the students to use the modern Egyptian and fusion techniques which are taught in class.  This flair for creation allows Emily to work around the needs and abilities of her students.  She also encourages students to choreograph their own dances, which can be showcased at the End of Year Concert.


Bluefire Bellydancers are committed to being an inclusive school.  We welcome people of all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities.  This is further shown by our participation in community festivals and running workshops at charity events.  We believe in spreading the love and joy of bellydance as widely as possible!


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